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This is an older site that's no longer maintained (as of ~2010). For my professional site and contact information, visit AE Innovations. You can also visit my new site at It Came From The Workshop.

The Deluxe Reverse Geocache Puzzle
This device is a locked Pelican-brand case that is stuffed with electronics. It can only be opened when it is within a pre-determined geographical area; otherwise it remains shut and gives simple hints about where it needs to go in order to be opened. This is in contrast to what happens in Geocaching, where the physical location of a container is known and the container itself must be found. Instead, the container itself is held and the physical location must be found.

How To Make a Real-Life HALO Multiplayer Skull That Actually Works (or "The RFID Skull Project")
Inspired by the HALO multiplayer game Oddball, this skull looks good and is packed with electronics. It's used to play a fun game - you just need friends, RFID tags, and something to shoot each other with.

Making Canned Halloween Monstrosities
Round out your mad-science lab or witch's larder with just an afternoon, a few dollars and a little imagination! These Halloween props are guaranteed to delight.

The Haunted USB Cable
It looks like a decapitated USB keyboard, or a cable with a chopped-off end, but there is much more to this cable than meets the eye. It's HAUNTED! A ghost trapped inside this cable plays havoc with any computer it is plugged into!

A Quickstart Tutorial for ATMEL AVR Microcontrollers
Most tutorials skim over a lot of information. Not this one. This tutorial assumes you have some basic knowledge, but tries not to make any other assumptions. The goal is to lower the barrier to entry for getting started with the AVR by starting at square one (i.e. you don't even own a programmer) and getting you using the tools as quickly as possible.

Make a Bloody Valentine Heart
An anatomically-correct heart that spurts and oozes blood when stabbed with a knife? Combined with a 'You have my heart' Valentine's Day card and a ring hidden in an arterial chamber? What's not to swoon over?

How To Make Dual Bass Drum Pedals Work in ROCK BAND
This device allows ROCK BAND drummers who will settle for nothing less than peak performance to use dual bass drum pedals with their drum controllers.

This Little Piggy is Made out of Meat!
Presentation is big in food, and here's a way to make a Meaty Piggie that is as tasty as it is cute!

Color-changing Hot & Cold LED Glowies
These solar-powered LED glowies glow Red or Blue depending on temperature changes. (That's fire and ice demonstrating the Glowie's operation in the image to the left.) Demonstrates using a plain old diode as a temperature sensor.

Wii AK-47 Mod
This is a controller modification for the Nintendo Wii game system. The wiimote and nunchuk controllers have been put into the empty shell of a plastic AK-47, with some of the buttons and the IR camera rewired.

How To Make In-Car LED Xmas Lights
I have put Christmas lights in my car for a few years now, I just recently updated my old set to this new-and-improved method that uses LEDs.

Turn a Digital Photo Print into a Beautiful Watercolor (by using water)
Using a technique I call "reverse painting", you can use a paintbrush and water on a printed digital photo to manipulate the printed ink for different effects. In particular, you can make a photo look like a watercolor painting.

How To Make a Charred Corpse
Turn an ordinary Halloween skeleton into a charred corpse using only simple hardware store supplies. Guaranteed gross!

Recipe for Awful Edible Roasted Fleshworms
Picture awful, fleshy worms with vicious mouthes and teeth - worms that look like something you'd find chewing on a corpse, right before it hisses at you and lunges for your face. Picture giant, horror-show mutant maggots. Now picture the fact that someone captured these things and roasted them in the oven to serve at supper! That's what I'm going to show you how to make.

Reactive Zombie Targets
Paper targets of Zombies is all well and good to train with to prepare for the day when the dead shall rise and attack the living. But they couldn't simulate the #1 thing about Zombies -- headshots. Until now.

The 33$ Emergency Preparedness Kit
I have read about people who died when their car went down, or they got lost. A little preparation may have helped save them and their loved ones. This emergency bag is a good addition to a car trunk, because when disaster strikes the time for preparation is over.

A Cannibal-Themed Halloween Supper
A disgusting, cannibal-themed Halloween supper where the food LOOKS revolting, but is actually 100% edible and tasty! Includes recipes for every single dish!

Steampunk-inspired Glow Crystal Lamp
This fluid-filled glass bulb contains an electrode and a crystal, which emits a phosphorescent glow when activated. It is an art piece more than an actual lamp, inspired by the Steampunk style where an old-world antique look is combined with an electrical and pseudo-mystical functionality.

Radio-Controlled Vehicle made from Cordless Screwdrivers
This is a radio-controlled vehicle made from two cheap, cordless power tools with wheels attached. The electrical control part consists only of an old R/C controller, two servos, and 4 microswitches. Since I had most parts already in my part bins, it cost me about 20$ to build.

How To make Miniature Spider-Robot Sculptures
Recycle or salvage some electronic components to build some mini spider-robot sculptures! No two ever turn out the same for me.

Giving Yourself a Sixth Sense for Wireless Networks
This device allows the user to easily and quite literally wireless access points in the vicinity, and automatically sense their signal strength as easily as one feels the wind on one's cheek.

How I Taught Myself To Reload Rifle Ammunition
It can be hard to get started in reloading from scratch, but it can be done. Note that while gunpowder and primers are less dangerous to handle than gasoline, it would still be foolish to handle them carelessly. Follow the manufacturer's directions in all cases.

VR Bike Simulator using a Game Console and Exercise Bike
It's possible to put together a surprisingly effective VR bike simulator by using a game console, an exercise bike, and making a few custom adjustments.

Miniature USB-Powered LED Christmas Trees
For the holiday season, I made a couple pretty little trees that, when plugged into a free USB port, light up and blink a mini string of red and green LEDs. Only one chip used, and it's not a 555 or a microcontroller!

LCD Projection Clock, IR-triggered
This is a modified LCD clock that projects the time onto the wall whenever it sees an infrared signal, like from a TV remote. It uses no lenses.

The LED Megalight
This is a homemade LED flashlight with a PVC body that is easily bright enough to blind you, and uses only one special LED. It intentionally is as simple as possible both electrically, and in construction of the body.

The TV Sniper
This simple method allows a universal remote to be aimed telescopically, and focused over long distances. The result is the ability to control TVs which would normally be far outside normal range.

The MythTV HowTo I Wished I Had
When I made my MythTV box in 2006, things would have been much smoother if I had had this guide - but I had to do it the hard way. But I wrote it all down so you don't have to!

Sonic Grenades
These grenades don't explode when the ring is pulled. Instead, they emit 110dB of racket! Perfect to enhance your NERF wars, or to torment hungover roommates.

The Seeing-Eye Mouse
This is a method of using a computer mouse as a navigational sensor for my Mini Sumo Robot, "Tricksy". But it's enough of a black box that you could use it to interface almost anything to a computer mouse.

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